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Procurement Services

Often you know what you need to achieve from your IT infrastructure but without the specialist IT knowledge and time to shop around it can be difficult to determine exactly what you need and where to source it from. Nova Tech can provide a 'one-stop-shop' supplying all your hardware and software needs. We can supply a range of the leading manufacturer's products to our clients from desktop and server hardware through to Enterprise level software.

Nova cooperates with many famous IT manufacturers like Dell, HP, CISCO, Sonicwall, Kaspersky, Acronis, and Microsoft for years and established a highly efficient, well-functioning product supply chain and marketing system. Ensure that our products quality is reliable and with a high cost effective.

Our Advantages:

1.     Never pay for the wrong product

2.     Source hard-to-find parts

3.     Stable and smooth supply chain.

4.     Product warranty grantee

If you are looking to procure hardware or software for your next project, let our experts do the research on the hardware you need. We will guarantee it is the right part!