• Customer Support Serivce

  • Customer Self Support

  • Customer Service  analysis

Customer Service Center

For meet the needs of our customer which is from different industry, we set up an IT call center to provide 24/7 phone support, email support and remote support. Our call center responses customer's request from 10 channels such as WeChat, emails, web services, IM servicer,forms etc.

Advanced features of our call center

  • Customer service Representative:

       1. One platform compatible with all support channels and terminals.

       2. Ticket system with pre-set rules to simplify the work process.

       3. Unity & collaboration, resolve customer problems.

       4. Intelligent identification of customers from each channel, Dimensions based group management of customers.

  • Customer Self-Service

       1. We created online knowledge base for customers to find the FAQ and resolve issue by self.

       2. Intelligent online robot for response request from every smart device.

  • Service Analysis

       1. Global statistical analysis, control the global dynamic of customer service, effectively improve and predictions

       2. Comprehensive monitoring system, real time control theservice quality.

       3. Customized multi-dimension report, deep and flexible analysis the service quality.

Our serivce hotline:400 902 9162      Email: csc@nova-tech.cn