Simple management, High performance price ratio
Create your own virtual platform

Now Nova provides the VPS solutions to meet the different needs of customers. VPS are collections of network, security, storage, and compute resources and processes that exist in the cloud. First,the data stored in VPS is totally separated, it guarantees the security of customer data. Second, customers own the full right of the VPS, you may customized the settings and backup plans. The last, the VPS are hosted in professional IDC, you dont need afford the huge costof hardware and maintenance. You just pay for what you got.

Product Features

·       Real Time Monitoring

        Realtime monitor the CPU, Memory, hardware and network heathy.

·       Multi-Lines Support

 We provide various ISP access service in our IDC.

·       Low cost, good cost performance

 Customize and scale your VPDC based on your business needs.

·       Simple management and control

   You can control your VPDC by the central console, easy to maintenance and develop.

Private Cloud