Aliyun not only provide rich products and services, but also combined with ecological partners, to provide enterprises with rich tools and services in China station, and provides ICP record support services for enterprises, help enterprises to more rapid development of China business.


High Performance,ICP License Support,Alibaba Ecosystem

Connect to China with ExpressConnect

Safeguard your virtual private cloud in China. Alibaba Cloud ExpressConnect is a high-speed dedicated network connection to link you with your VPC and provides a stable and secure private network channel for communication.

  • 99.96% availability

  • Reduces long—distance packet loss rate to less than 0.2%

  • Separated communication lines

Protect Your Cloud Infrastructure in China with Anti-DDoS Pro

Protect your business from malicious attacks with the same Anti-DoSS security that protects Alibaba Cloud’s own e-commerce ecosystem.

  • Record holder in DDoS protection

  • BGP network access

  • Built for China

Accelerate Performance on a Content Delivery Network

Connect to Alibaba Cloud’s Content Delivery Network to reduce server response time, manage large volumes of traffic and deliver content over vast geographic distances.

  • Over 500 China nodes

  • Massive bandwidth

  • Fast to deploy

Host in China with Elastic Computing Service (ECS)

Host your website or web application on a China-based cloud server to ensure fast load speed, high availability and boost search engine visibility.

  • 5 regions in China

  • Highly available

  • Cost-effective

Leading cloud solution provider

Professional customer service center

Free Office 365 Support

2017 Microsoft Best CSP 2Tier Partner Award

Microsoft Cloud Computing Best Services Award

Why Nova

Nova embrace the principle of “Customer First, Service First” and devotes to providing better service. Our culture "Be a better company" is the extension of personal value “Be a better man” onto business. Our employees always stick to our culture and try our best for better attitude, higher quality, higher efficiency, and higher customer satisfaction.