• Cloud Virtual Machine

Cloud Virtual Machines (CVM) provide adjustable compute capacities, allowing you to estimate compute scale easily. Within a few minutes, you can purchase a virtual machine with your desired configurations, and conduct fast expansion as required with the help of images.

  • Cloud Block Storage

Cloud Block Storage is a low-delay, high-performance, and highly reliable block storage provided by QCloud for CVMs. You can format the block storage that is mounted to CVM instances, create file systems, and store data persistently on the cloud block storage, just as on hard disks of computers.

  • Cloud Physical Machine

Cloud Physical Machine (CPM) is an exclusive high-performance physical machine rental service. The CPM and CVM are interconnected through a private network and a Private network—based hybrid cloud can be built to implement fast and flexible expansion and help you handle requests in festivals and peak hours of events.

  • Cloud Load Balance

Cloud Load Balance (CLB) distributes access traffic from multiple public IP to CVMs, automatically detects CVM ports, and removes unavailable CVMs, thereby improving service availability.

  • Virtual Private Cloud

The Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) helps you build independent network space in Tencent Cloud and allows you to customize network segment classifications, IP addresses and routing policies. You can establish VPN tunnels through public networks/direct connections and connect with other cloud resources via private IPs, thereby flexibly deploying hybrid clouds.

  • Auto Scaling

Auto Scaling (AS) automatically adjusts computing resources according to service requirements and policies. It can increase/decrease CVM instances and adjust configurations according to the specified time, period or monitoring policies, so as to ensure stable and smooth business operations.

  • Cloud Object Service

Cloud Object Service (COS) is a reliable, secure, and ease-of-use mass storage service provided based on Tencent's years of mass service experience. It provides diversified access modes and acceleration nodes throughout China, so as to provide high-quality uploading and downloading services for you.

  • Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) distribute content to all nodes in a network and allow users to retrieve content from the nearest server via a global dispatching system. This results in faster speeds and increased service availability. The Tencent Cloud CDN service can help speed up a range of services such as static web—pages, downloads, video on demand and live steaming.

  • Cloud Database

Cloud Database (CDB) is a relational database cloud service provided by Tencent Cloud. It is based on PCI-E SSD and provides a robust performance as high as 245509 QPS. The CDB supports MySQL, SQL Server, and TDSQL (compatible with mariaDB) engines, and master/slave real—time hot backup, and provides complete sets of database Ops solutions.

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  • Cloud Redis Store

Cloud Redis Store (CRS) is a cache and storage service compatible with the Redis protocol. Cluster and Standalone models are available. It supports master/slave hot backup, automatic disaster recovery, data snapshot, and key-granularity data management and data restoration. Users can use the CRS as the Key-Value database.

  • Cloud MongoDB

Cloud MongoDB Service is a high-performance NoSQL database developed by Tencent Cloud based on the globally popular MongoDB. It is completely compatible with the MongoDB protocol and is applicable to document-type or distributed NoSQL database scenarios.

  • Cloud Memcached

Cloud Memcached is a high-performance, memory-level, persistent, and distributed Key-Value storage service independently developed by Tencent. It complies with the Memcached protocol and supports data persistency. It makes the development of mass access services simple and easy.

  • Cloud Security

Cloud Security provides all—around security services for our customers; including network protection, intrusion detection, vulnerability protection, etc. It also produces security reports and solutions regularly, allowing for better insight into your business security status.

  • Dayu Distributed Defense

Dayu Distributed Defense provides anti-DDoS protection for developers from all lines, together with anti—CC and anti—web intrusion protection. It efficiently utilizes redundant bandwidth and capacities of nation-wide nodes to defend against attacks.

  • Business Security Protection

Business Security Protection protects forums and e-commerce websites via services like message filtering, verification codes and anti-spamming