Now with EMS you can manage user authentication and control devices effectively , and ensure the safety of company data.

Office 365

Azure Information Protection

RMS protection via RMS for Office 365

  • Protection for content stored in Office (on-premises or Office 365)

  • Access to RMS SDK

  • Bring Your Own Key

Azure IP more versatile to provide

  • Protection for on-premises Windows Server file shares

  • Email notifications when sharing documents

  • Email notifications when shared documents are forwarded

What is Enterprise Mobility +Security?
  • Azure Active Directory Premium

  • Microsoft Intune

  • Azure Information Protection

  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

  • Microsoft Cloud App Security

Azure Active Directory Premium
Microsoft launches a unified user authentication platform for the cloud , The equivalent of merging the e-mail domains of each enterprise into a super domain is designed to provide a convenient cloud login and management for global Enterprise users , all Microsoft Online Services (international editions) are based on AAD.

Replace local AD with AAD

Benefits of using Azure AD:

  • No need to invest in local servers

  • Not limited to local area network, you can always manage it via Internet.

Enterprises who could need Azure AD:

  • Enterprise with many branches offices.

  • Enterprise that want to reduce their local infrastructure.

  • Enterprise that want to integrate business apps with other SaaS systems.

  • Enterprise that pursuing new technologies.

Main features:

  • Account Control in cloud: Direct create and disable account in cloud.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) feature: Integrated with many well-known SaaS systems in worldwide and software vendors.

  • Multi-authentication multi-factor Auth: One more protection for people with special security requirements.

Office 365

Azure Active Directory Premium

Basic identity management via Azure AD for Office 365

  • Single sign-on for Office 365

  • Basic multi-factor authentication for Office 365

Azure AD offers more versatility

  • Advanced multi-factor authentication for all workloads

  • Self-service group management and password reset with write back to on-premises directory

  • Advanced security reports

  • Single sign-on for all cloud apps

  • FIM (now MIM), Server + CAL

Microsoft Intune


Cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM)system and mobile application management ( MAM ) System applies to Win10 PC with mobile devices, IOS devices, Android Devices.

Main functions

  • Restricted device function.

  • Isolating the enterprise application data.

  • Remote push software.

  • Remote erase company data.

Office 365

Microsoft Intune

Basic identity management via Azure AD for Office 365

  • Single sign-on for Office 365

  • Basic multi-factor authentication for Office 365

More versatile for Microsoft Intune

  • PC management

  • Mobile app management (prevent cutting/copying/pasting/saving from corporate apps to personal apps)

  • Secure content viewers

  • Certificate provisioning

  • System Center integration

Azure Information Protection



Cryptographic solutions for individual files, especially for Office Document.Encryption works on the file itself, unaffected by storage locations or other environmental changes,different levels of permissions can be set for different users,issued encrypted files can still be traced back.

Specify user access

Assigning to a single user or user group

Multi-level permissions

Permission to read and write printing

File Expiration

Automatic expiration after file expiration cannot be opened

Watermark Mark

Office 365 Add header/Footer watermark

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